The journey to crack the JEE 2024 is on! Registrations for session 1 of the exam opened on November 1, 2023, as announced by the National Testing Agency. This window closes on November 30, 2023, making it a crucial time for students to get serious about their preparation.

The second session will start accepting registrations from February 2, 2024. In this era of technology, there are several apps that can help students prepare effectively for the JEE.

Let’s explore the top 3 apps that are essential for any JEE 2024 aspirant:

#1 Melvano

Melvano is revolutionizing the learning experience for JEE aspirants, emerging as a trusted platform for over 300,000 students and parents. Its innovative approach transforms the traditional study method into an interactive and effective learning journey. The content, created by IIT alumni, is both high-quality and relevant to the JEE syllabus.

The app stands out with its mock tests and personalised courses, which are tailored to each user's learning style and needs. Melvano is particularly renowned for its practice questions, widely regarded as some of the best in the industry for their relevance and quality. These questions are meticulously designed to mirror the pattern and difficulty level of the JEE, making them a vital tool for exam preparation.

Key features:

  1. Best question bank among all apps
  2. Personalized learning
  3. Content from IIT alumni
  4. Free access to basic features

Pricing: The best feature of Melvano is its pricing. It offers limited features like videos, practice material, live classes, and tests with ads. For students seeking an even more enriched learning experience, Melvano offers a premium plan at ₹1946 for a year.

This plan unlocks access to exclusive content and advanced features, providing an edge in the highly competitive JEE landscape.

#2 Youtube

Youtube has become a leader in online learning for competitive exams in India. It's one of the biggest platform that hosts every educator from emerging ones to renowned ones.

Key features:

1. Wide range of video lectures & live classes

Pricing: Free with Ads or Youtube Monthly subscription of ₹199.

#3 Khan Academy

Khan Academy is renowned for its comprehensive educational resources, and its JEE preparation tools are no exception.

The app offers practice sessions covering crucial JEE topics. It also includes LIVE in-class doubt solving, discussion of previous year's questions, and LIVE quizzes with a leaderboard to track progress.

Key Features:

1. Practice sessions covering crucial JEE topics

Pricing: For those looking for structured guidance, Khan Academy offers a crash course online at ₹8,000 for 6 months. This course is a blend of interactive and engaging study materials and is designed to make learning efficient and enjoyable.

These apps provide a diverse range of tools to tackle the challenging JEE 2024. While each app has its unique strengths, Melvano stands out for its comprehensive and personalized approach, offering everything from video lessons to mock tests for free. For a more detailed, tailored learning experience, consider Melvano Plus.

Remember, the right resources can make all the difference in your JEE journey. Start exploring these apps and take a step closer to achieving your engineering dreams!